Cerritos College is one of the 27 community colleges in the Los

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Cerritos College is one of the 27 community colleges in the Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Its physical location in the geographical center of the area and its easy access from several major freeways create both a competitive advantage and a requirement for program excellence. The college ensures that its Career Technical Education programs are both academically sound and industry focused to serve the community’s needs. Most of those programs produce the “High-Paying Non-Desk Jobs” that careerbuilder.com has talked about. Big data and analytics are therefore used to ensure that each program goes through a thorough biennial review that is created by utilizing EMSI Analyst. This data is then commented upon by faculty members to create a report that is eventually peer reviewed. Validation by industry advisory committees provide further corroboration about the direction needed for each of the programs to produce the talent needed on the job market. In this session you will hear about the total value chain that is currently used on our campus. It starts by highlighting our efforts to create pathways with local high schools (we were a recent recipient of a 2.9 Million grant in the industry sectors of Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Technology) and how to use Analyst in grant applications. It continues by creating custom brochures for each career track and creating reporting capabilities for the assessment of progress towards award goals. It finishes by closing the loop on tracking graduate’s salaries in each track to ensure relevance in the market place.

“Establishing industryfocused and academically sound career and technical education programs” by Nick Real 2015 NATIONAL EMSI CONFERENCE

High-Paying NonDesk Jobs Don’t Always Require a Four-Year Degree http:// www.careerbuilder.com/share/aboutus/pressreleasesdetail.aspx?sd 4%2F16%2F2015&id pr888&ed 12%2F31%2F2015

Validation from State of CA http://salarysurfer.cccco.edu/


California 113 Community Colleges

State level initiatives – Overarching framework

State level initiatives A draft report was published on August 14th, 2015 to the board of governors in Sacramento. There are 25 recommendations from the task force amongst which: Public outreach campaign promoting career technical education More interaction between community college, labor, and other regional development partners Regionalization of curriculum as well as portability across institutions Considering other options for meeting minimum hiring qualifications Work on pathways identifiers for high school students

27 Community Colleges in the Los Angeles/Orange Counties region

Regional level governance structure for CTE programs

Regional level - Step 1 – Notice of intent

Regional Level - Step 2 Application

Regional level – Step 3 Discussion board

Regional level - step 4 Vote Approval can be gained online if everyone is agreement Vote takes place at the monthly meeting if there is: A disagreement about duplication of efforts A disagreement about job outlooks

Statistics for all regional programs

Statistics for all regionally approved program Out of the 94 programs approved by LAOCRC from 2013-2014 to 2014-2015: 60 cited the California Employment Development Department 35 cited EMSI 20 cited the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Region 31080 – Los Angeles-Long BeachAnaheim MSA

MSA Characteristics

MSA Characteristics

California Education Code for CTE programs – Section 78016 1. The program meets a documented labor demand 2. The program does not represent unnecessary duplication in the area 3. The program has demonstrated effectiveness as measured by employment and completion success of its students

Objectives of the program? Are they being achieved? How satisfied are students with their preparation for employment? Does this program contribute to programs in other fields? What plans are in place for improving the program? Partial example from Dental Hygiene: The objectives are reflective of the mandated Commission on Dental Accreditation educational (CODA) standards . encourage the student to develop professional behavior that is founded in evidence-base decision-making . Cerritos College dental hygiene students have achieved a 100% passage rate on both the written National Board and the clinical State Board examinations. CODA mandated student surveys distributed at the end of the first year, second year and one year post graduation, as well as employer surveys the above program objectives are being successfully met.

How strong is the demand? How has demand changed in the past two years and what is the outlook for the next five years. How many jobs are available regionally in this field? How is the job market impacting your program? Partial example from Machine Tool Technology: At the regional level, there were 742 completions for 1614 job openings which indicate that the job outlook for all areas of Machine Tool Technology is strong. The median hourly earnings in the field are 16.92 per hour and there are 30659 jobs in the region. A machinist making 28.85 per hour (90th percentile within 50 miles of ZIP code 90650 – EMSI data) will likely earn 90,000 per year with their overtime, more than almost any college graduate with a 4 year degree.

What are the trends in student enrollment, success, completion, and placement? Is there an increase or decline? What are the barriers to success and completion? What are placement rates? What do these data mean for your program? Partial example from Commercial Music: The program has experienced a significant increase in the past three years. A large part of the growth is due to the access students have to industry-standard equipment and training from a certified instructor. Now that the program offers professional certificates from Avid and Apple, interest in the program has increased. It is expected that the new Certificate, along with the professional certifications, will increase employer interest in the students and the program.

Advisory Committee Meetings You will have the opportunity to report-in on (1) of the following topics below at the meeting due to time restrictions: Trends, Opportunities & Challenges: Industry Standards: Opportunities for Faculty Career Development: Opportunities for Student work-based Learning: Curriculum: (New Ideas to Meet Current and Changing Needs of Industry) Direct Committee Commitment: (list support you can provide)

General Brochure

Program Brochure

Program Pull Sheet

Implications for grant applications

AMETLL Grant 2014 14,980,760 – 5 years Improve College and Career Ready Pathways Increase Industry Engagement Establish Regional Infrastructure 5 college 6 intermediaries 14 school districts 30 high schools 20 middle schools 12 elementary schools

AMETLL CONSORTIUM CALIFORNIA CAREER PATHWAYS TRUST GRANT Engineering Technology Pathway Advanced Manufacturing Pathway


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