About Us

We created this website to help people find any kind of information in the most accessible form – in the form of a presentation! The visual method of conveying information is one of the most effective ways to understand what someone is trying to telling us.

Slideey allows you to add or find a presentation on any topic you are interested in. In practice, any PPT/PPTX file format is just a combination of text and images, which, as they say, doesn’t depend on us. What does depends on us is how it is published, found and shown.

– All you need is a web browser. No additional software or operating systems are required.

– There is no need for you to store information on a computer or flash device.

– Using the website is 100% free. We earn money on advertising, not on you!

Our team prefers to maintain anonymity, but you can always contact us by visiting the “Contact Us” page. If you have any kind of complaints (including relating to the ownership of intellectual property), please send us a message by clicking on the Report button on the page of the presentation.

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