Visualizing Stats Canada Data Lucia Costanzo MA, MSc, MLIS

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Visualizing Stats Canada Data Lucia Costanzo MA, MSc, MLIS McLaughlin Library

Vizs have been around for a long time! Lopez, Inigo. (May 3rd, 2015) Modern redrawing of Napoleon 1812 Russian campaign including a table of degrees in Celsius and Fahrenheit and translated to English. Retrieved from map of napoleon.png. McLaughlin Library

Goal for today To take this: McLaughlin Library

Goal for today and make these: McLaughlin Library

Goals for today Getting Comfortable with Tableau Download Stats Canada Dataset Clean data in MS Excel Open data in Tableau Generate Vizs in Tableau McLaughlin Library

What’s the difference between various Tableau products? Tableau Desktop Tableau Server Tableau Online Tableau Public (free) Tableau Reader (free) McLaughlin Library

What is available for Academia? Students Free 1-year license of Tableau Desktop Must be full-time student Instructors Free 1-year license Can request licenses for computer lab or course Administration 14 day trial license then must purchase McLaughlin Library

Tips for prepping data 1. Remove intro text and footers 2. Remove pre-aggregate data 3. Remove blank rows and columns 4. Normalize data tips.html McLaughlin Library

Demo 2011 Census - Population and Dwelling Count Highlight Tables McLaughlin Library

Demo Class Exercise Form into groups and work together to generate another visualization share with the group. Back at insert pm McLaughlin Library

Tips for Creating Maps in Tableau Preparing Your Geographic Fields Creating Filled Maps How to create density maps using hexbins in Tableau How To: Hex Tile Maps in Tableau McLaughlin Library

Tools for Formatting Data Built-in Pivot Feature in Tableau Quick Start: Pivot Data from Columns to Rows Add-in for Microsoft Excel by Tableau Installing and Troubleshooting the Tableau Add-in for Reshaping Data in Excel Qualtrics Web Data Connector Qualtrics and Tableau Integration McLaughlin Library

Demo GSS Cycle 27, 2013 Social Identity & Giving, Volunteering and Participating McLaughlin Library

Jitter Plots Wexler, Steven. Salary Comparison Dashboard. Retrieved from SalaryJiiterplot/SalaryComparisonDashboard/1 rss.png. McLaughlin Library

Open Source Viz Software Alternatives Non Programmers Raw Gephi Weka Programmers D3.JS McLaughlin Library

Help Resources Tableau Online Resources Online Training Videos, Forums, Live Online Training, Roadshows Tableau Libguides Duke Online Courses Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau McLaughlin Library

Please fill in survey. THANK YOU McLaughlin Library

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