FORENSIC ODONTOLO GY Dental Forensics Forensic Dentistry

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FORENSIC ODONTOLO GY Dental Forensics Forensic Dentistry

FORENSIC ODONTOLOGY Application of Dentistry to Law Establish identities of : homicide victims missing persons Establish relationship between victim and suspect and crime scene

FORENSIC ODONTOLOGY The average adult’s have 32 teeth The average adult has dental records Bite marks are Individual (everyone’s is unique) Bite Marks can be compared to person or dental records

NAMING VICTIMS OF MASS DISASTERS 1995 Murrah Building Bombing , Oklahoma City -25 % named by dentists 1994 Indiana American Eagle ATR 72 plane crash- 9% of teeth identified 50% of victims 1996- TWA Flight 800 2001- WTC Bombing

NAMING VICTIMS OF CRIMES Jeffrey Dahmer- serial killer Bones , Skulls, Loose Teeth Teeth back in skulls Match dental records Identify victims

ESTABLISH RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SUSPECT AND CRIME Bite marks on victim from assailant Bite marks on assailant from victim Bite marks on evidence at crime scene- gum, food, etc. Usually sexual assault, child abuse, violent crimes Ted Bundy- serial killer bit victim s/solved-body-identification.html s/deranged-ted-bundy-in-his-owns-words .html s/deranged-ted-bundy-coincidences.htm l s/deranged-ted-bundys-unique-insight.h tml igation/quiz-central/criminals/ted-bundy. html

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