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Radiographers are health care professionals who use radiation (x-rays) to create medical images of the body. Other names used for the profession are: Radiologic Technologist, R.T.(R) or X-ray Technologist.

Radiographers find employment opportunities in hospitals, private imaging centers, health centers, and mobile imaging units. There are also opportunities in sales, marketing, research, education and industry.

The Rowan College of South Jersey Radiography Program combines general education courses, Radiography courses and supervised clinical experience. General education courses may be taken on campus or transferred in from another college.

The General Education Courses required by the Radiography Program are: EN 101 English Composition I EN 102 English Composition II or EN103 Technical Writing BI 106 Anatomy & Physiology I Bi 107 Anatomy & Physiology II CS 101 Introduction to Microcomputers PY 101 General Psychology SO 201 Introductory Sociology Mathematics – MT 110 (College Algebra) or above Humanities Elective

Humanities (Humanistic Perspective) Art/Music/Theatre Foreign Languages AR 101 Art Appreciation AR 107 Art History I FR 102 Elementary French II AR 108 Art History II FR 201 Intermediate French I MU 101 Music Appreciation MU 114 History of Music TH 101 Theatre Appreciation LI 102 Elementary Italian II TH 201 Theatre History LS 101 Elementary Spanish I FR 101 Elementary French I FR 202 Intermediate French II LI 101 Elementary Italian I LS 102 Elementary Spanish II LS 201 Intermediate Spanish I LS 202 Intermediate Spanish II

Humanities (Humanistic Perspective) Literature EN 201 British Literature I PH 101 Introduction to Philosophy EN 202 British Literature II EN 205 Masterpieces of Western Literature I RL 101 Perspectives on Religion EN 206 Masterpieces of Western Literature II RL 102 World Religions EN 208 Images of Women in Literature EN 209 American Literature I Philosophy/Religion PH 102 Introduction to Ethics RL 103 Intro to Asian Religions

First Year Radiography Courses: RT 101 Introduction to Radiographic Science RT 102 Radiographic Procedures I RT 103 Clinical Practicum and Image Evaluation I RT 104 Radiographic Exposure I RT 106 Radiographic Exposure II RT 107 Radiographic Procedures II RT 110 Clinical Practicum and Image Evaluation II RT 111 Clinical Practicum and Image Evaluation III RT 121 Radiation Protection and Biology

Second Year Radiography Courses: RT 200 Clinical Practicum and Image Evaluation IV RT 201 Radiographic Procedures III RT 202 Clinical Practicum and Image Evaluation V RT 205 Radiographic Procedures IV RT 206 Clinical Practicum and Image Evaluation VI RT 220 Equipment Operation and Maintenance I RT 221 Equipment Operation and Maintenance II

Successful completion of the Radiography Program will result in an AAS (Associate in Applied Science) degree The graduate will be eligible to apply to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Examination and apply for a License from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

Radiography classes take place in the classroom and the laboratory next door. All equipment in the classroom and laboratory is non energized which means it will not emit radiation.

During the two years in the program students will spend over 1600 hours in their clinical education centers First Year Fall Semester - Spring Semester Summer - Tuesday, Thursday 8 am-4 pm Tuesday, Thursday 8 am-4 pm Monday to Friday 8 am-4 pm Second Year Summer Fall Semester Monday to Friday 8 am-4 pm - Spring Semester pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8 am-4 pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8 am-4

A student will be assigned to one hospital in the first year and another hospital in the second year. There will also be a two week rotation to a private imaging center or health center. The Program has affiliations with 10 1 Hospitals Health Center 1 Outpatient Center 5 Private Imaging Centers

Cumberland County Gloucester County INSPIRA Medical Center Vineland INSPIRA Medical Center- Mullica Hill INSPIRA Health CenterBridgeton Jefferson Washington Twp Hospital- Turnersville Arthritis & Rheumatology Associates of South JerseyVineland Jefferson Out Patient Imaging Center- Swell Center for Diagnostic Imaging An AMI Facility - Vineland INSPIRA Imaging Center – Delsea Vineland INSPIRA Imaging Center– Cape May County Cape Regional Medical CenterCape May Courthouse

Atlantic County Camden County AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center City Campus- Atlantic City Jefferson Cherry Hill AtlantiCare Regional Medical CenterMain Land Campus Pomona Salem County Atlantic Medical Imaging Egg Harbor Jefferson Stratford Hospital INSPIRA Medical Center Elmer Salem Medical Center Salem

While at the Clinical Education Center the student will be supervised by a licensed technologist.

Students will either be in a lead lined control booth or wearing lead protective apparel when radiation is emitted.

While in the Clinical Education Center students will wear a monitor to measure the amount of radiation received.

Assignments at the Clinical Education Center will include: Main Department Emergency Room

Mobile (portables) Operating Room

Fluoroscopy Computed Tomography

We are accepting applications for the class beginning in September 2021. Students will have until March 5 to submit their completed files. All applicants must attend an Information Seminar

Acceptance will be determined on a point system based on: Previous Application Academic Background Science Background HESI exam scores

Acceptance to the Radiography Program is conditional depending on: 1. Clear Criminal Background Check 2. Successful Completion of a Physical Exam including Urine Drug Testing.

Program Information including Admission Requirements, Admission Criteria and Activation Form are located at: Pages/Admissions-Criteria.aspx Robert Champa Director Radiography [email protected]

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