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INSTRUCTIONAL GOAL Using previous data analysis results, develop an appropriate issue statement.

INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES Describe the purpose and scope of an issue statement. Discuss issue statement definitions. Explain the advantage of using the PRE/PREP/PREICS method in developing an issue statement. Discuss issue statements, performance report summaries, and performance evaluation reports. Using previous data analysis results, develop an appropriate issue statement.


ISSUE STATEMENT PURPOSE Factually accurate performance information Facilitate causal analysis and corrective action development Enhance trending capability Clarify expectations and focus Avoid issue recurrence Lesson Learned input

ISSUE STATEMENT SCOPE Performance Objective ‒ Criterion Trending Reports Monthly Performance Reports Performance Evaluation Reports Aggregate Performance Reports

ISSUE STATEMENT DEFINITIONS Know the issue statement definitions specific to your organization/process ‒ Do the work – support the conclusion ‒ Don’t exaggerate ‒ Words are Important

ISSUE STATEMENT DEFINITIONS Don’t forget the Good News - Strengths and Noteworthy Practices Provides Perspective Needed for CAS Confidence Ratings Essential for Trending

ISSUE STATEMENT DEFINITIONS Management Concerns Findings Performance Problems Weaknesses Observations/OFIs MOST S I G N I F I C A N C E Response is commensurate with Significance

PRE/PREP/PREICS STRATEGIES PRE/PREP PREICS Problem Problem Reason Reason Example Example Proposed solution Impact Consequences Solutions

PRE EXAMPLE KAPP, LLC does not ensure that hazards are routinely communicated to subcontractor and vendor employees as required by 10 CFR 851.150. Who, What, When, Why

ISSUE DEFINITION 4 W’s: ‒ What was affected? ‒ Where did the issue take place? ‒ When was the issue discovered? ‒ Who is responsible for addressing the problem?

ISSUE DEFINITION 2 H’s: ‒ How much was affected? ‒ How often has the issue occurred? 1 C: ‒ What is the consequence/impact?

ISSUE STATEMENT CHECKLIST See Tab - Lesson 5 Writing Issue Statement, Student Worksheet, page 2

ISSUE STATEMENT TIPS DON’T Broad-brush Include details that aren’t relevant DO Stay within Scope ‒ Pass ‒ Punt ‒ Play

PERFORMANCE REPORTS Performance Reports ‒ Contractor Assurance System ‒ Monthly/Quarterly Performance Evaluation Plan (PEP) ‒ Tri-Annual/Semi-Annual ‒ Program/Field Office Guidance ‒ Performance Evaluation Report (PER)

PERFORMANCE REPORTS See Tab - Maintenance Program Performance Report Summary


EXERCISE See Tab - Lesson 5 Writing Issue Statement, Student Worksheet

REVIEW Know your organization’s process and definitions Problem-Reason-Example ‒ Include consequence and impact ‒ Self-Check Stay in Scope (Pass, Punt, Play)

REVIEW Don’t ‒ Broadbrush ‒ Include non-relevant information Performance Reports ‒ CAS reports ‒ PEMP/PER

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