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LIBRARY TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY UPDATE : BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY TRENDS Marshall Breeding Independent Consultant, Author, and Founder and Publisher, Library Technology Guides 29 October, 2014 Internet Librarian 2014

Summary Libraries worldwide spend almost 2 billion/year on technology hardware, software and services and are constantly considering prudent strategic technology investments. Author of the “Automation Marketplace Industry Report” (Library Journal, 2002–2013) and the “Library Systems Report” (American Libraries, 2014), Breeding has the incredible ability to explain the current state of the industry and what we need to watch for in the future to factor into our technology decisions today.

Sources American Libraries Library Systems Report Perceptions Surveys 2014 online edition published April 15 2014 edition recently published Turnover Reports: 2013 2013

Library Technology Guides c e t y r a r b i l o l o hn g r o . y g

Mergers and Acquisitions

Library Technology Industry Reports American Libraries 2014: Strategic Competition and Cooperation Library Journal 2013: Rush to Innovate 2012: Agents of Change 2011: New Frontier 2010: New Models, Core Systems 2009: Investing in the Future 2008: Opportunity out of turmoil 2007: An industry redefined 2006: Reshuffling the deck 2005: Gradual evolution 2004: Migration down, innovation up 2003: The competition heats up

Library Systems Report 2014

Library Systems Report 2014 Arabic

Library Systems Report 2014 Spanish / / : p htt .th ww t e n . i p e ink

Library Systems Report Tables

Perceptions 2013 Annual survey for Libraries Satisfaction levels for Company Current ILS Service Loyalty Migration Plans 3002 Responses 53 Countries

Perceptions Survey 2013 Product Satisfaction for Large Public Libraries

American Libraries Library Systems Report Library Systems Report 2014: Strategic Competition and Cooperation Online Publication: April 15, 2014 Covers 2013 calendar year activities

Library Journal Automation Marketplace Published annually in April 1 issue Based on data provided by each vendor Focused primarily on North America Context of global library automation market

Library Technology Industry Reports American Libraries 2014: Strategic Competition and Cooperation Library Journal 2013: Rush to Innovate 2012: Agents of Change 2011: New Frontier 2010: New Models, Core Systems 2009: Investing in the Future 2008: Opportunity out of turmoil 2007: An industry redefined 2006: Reshuffling the deck 2005: Gradual evolution 2004: Migration down, innovation up 2003: The competition heats up

Industry Revenues 1.8 billion global industry 790 million from companies involved in the US 485 million from US Libraries

Industry Giants Ex Libris: Innovative 3,957 customer libraries 536 FTE Employed 410 FTE employed 1,640 libraries SirsiDynix: 3,595 libraries 385 FTE Employed

Personnel Resources 2013 2013 Company EBSCO Information Services OCLC Ex Libris SirsiDynix EOS International Follett Software Company Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Serials Solutions The Library Corporation Polaris Library Systems 2013 201 2 Dev Sup Sales Admi Othe Total Total n r 424 869 554 98 194 102 222 170 60 53 46 20 120 164 52 10 103 124 41 27 184 63 93 50 61 52 25 17 55 5 13 3 862 2807 1280 1250 14 536 522 40 385 369 50 341 15 361 341 7 410 11 255 256 27 199 199 97 93

Personnel Resources: Open Source Company PTFS -LibLime Equinox Software ByWater Solutions Dev Su Sales Admi Othe p n r Total 5 16 3 8 8 155 5 7 2 2 2 18 1 12 2 3 0 18

Mergers and Acquisitions Activity

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions Detail

Personnel Growth / Loss 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Ex Libris SirsiDynix Follett Software Company Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

Innovative Interfaces 201213 Majority acquisition by 2 private Equity Firms: Huntsman Gay Global Capital JMI Equity New C-level management Kim Massana, CEO Subsequent Transaction: Kline sells remaining shares and exits Global expansion Dublin, Ireland Noida, India

Innovative Interfaces 2014 Innovative acquires Polaris Library Systems Jim Carrick and partners sell shares and exit No longer a separate company Bill Schickling now Senior VP for Global Sales Polaris office East Coast Operations center Innovative Acquires VTLS

SirsiDynix acquires EOS International Co-founder Scot Cheatham sells shares and exits 1,100 mostly special libraries use EOS.Web Common strategy for hosted solutions

EBSCO Information Services Internal Consolidation: EBSCO Publishing EBSCO Information Services Tim Collins, President and CEO Also named CEO of EBSCO Industries

ProQuest Internal Consolidation Kurt Sanford CEO (since July 2011) Serials Solutions brand retired Worlflow Solutions under Kevin Sayer

Follett Library Solutions Internal Consolidation Tom Schenck, President and CEO Follett Library Software Follett Library Resources Follett Educational Resources Follett International

Lucidea Corporation Ron Aspe, President and CEO SydneyPLUS Inmagic Cuadra Associates

ILS Data Web-scale Index-based Discovery (2009- present) Search Results Usagegenerate d Data Custome r Profile Consolidated Index Search: Digital Collections Web Site Content Institution al Repositori es Aggregate d Content packages E-Journals Reference Sources Pre-built harvesting and indexing

Discovery Service Statistics Discovery Product EBSCO Discovery Service Primo Encore Summon SirsiDynix Enterprise Axiell Arena Chamo 2010 2011 2012 2013Installed 506 56 164 75 57 34 111 72 214 100 33 7 101 158 102 104 23 1774 98 36 123 35 36 5612 1407 365 673 407 316 128

Recent ILS Industry Contracts Company Product OCLC WMS Innovative Sierra Ex Libris Alma SirsiDynix Symphony Innovative Millennium TLC Library.Solution Ex Libris Aleph VTLS Virtua Polaris Polaris ILS Biblionix Apollo ByWater Koha Solutions PTFS LibLime LibLime Academic Koha PTFS LibLime LibLime Koha Equinox Evergreen 200 9 45 30 47 18 33 55 7 18 2010 2011 2012 2013 184 206 24 122 32 48 25 13 53 79 54 163 117 17 104 30 13 26 14 30 80 34 92 113 31 128 1 17 25 7 30 87 68 7 5 6 27 21 37 37 30 12 8 126 39 43 39 22 23 87 44 44 15

Transition to Library Services Platforms New platforms take the stage Ex Libris Alma, OCLC WorldShare Management Services, ProQuest Intota, Kuali OLE, Innovative Interfaces Sierra(others?) Basic design to manage resources of all formats and media Reliance on collaboratively built and shared data models Deployed through cloud technologies

Integrated (for print) Library System Public Interfaces: Staff Interfaces: Interfaces Business Logic Data Stores Circulation BIB Cataloging Holding / Items Acquisitions Circ Transact User Serials Vendor Online Catalog Funds Policies

2005 – Present ILS / ERM Fragmentation Staff Interfaces: Public Interfaces: Application Programming Interfaces Circulation Cataloging Acquisitions Serials Online Catalog BIB Protocols: CORE Holding Circ User Vendor Policies / Items Transact Funds E-resource License Procurement Management E-Journal License Vendors Titles Terms

New Library Management Model Search: Library Services Platform API Layer Stock Stock Manageme Manageme nt nt Enterprise Enterprise Resource Resource Planning Planning Learning Learning Manageme Manageme nt nt Digital Digital Coll Coll ry Consolidated ve index e co ic is rv D Se SelfSelfCheck Check// Automated Automated Return Return Unified Presentation Layer ProQue ProQue st st EBSCO EBSCO JSTOR JSTOR Other Other Resour Resour ces ces Smart Smart Cad Cad// Payment Payment systems systems Authentica Authentica tion tion Service Service

Library Services Platform Library-specific software. Designed to help libraries automate their internal operations, manage collections, fulfillment requests, and deliver services Services Service oriented architecture Exposes Web services and other API’s Facilitates the services libraries offer to their users Platform General infrastructure for library automation Consistent with the concept of Platform as a Service Library programmers address the APIs of the platform to extend functionality, create connections with other systems, dynamically interact with data

Library Services Platform Characteristics Highly Shared data models Delivered through software as a service Multi-tenant Unified workflows across formats and media Flexible metadata management Knowledgebase architecture Some may take hybrid approach to accommodate local data stores MARC – Dublin Core – VRA – MODS – ONIX Bibframe New structures not yet invented Open APIs for extensibility and interoperability

Library Services Platforms Category Responsible Organization WorldSha Alma re Managem ent Services OCLC. Ex Libris Key precepts Global Consolidat networke level workflows, approach to unified managemen managem t and ent: print, discovery electronic, based on digital; central data: Hybrid stores data Intota Sierra Services Platform Kuali OLE Serials Solutions Innovative Interfaces, Inc Kuali Foundation Knowledge base driven. Pure multitenant SaaS Serviceoriented architecture Technology uplift for Millennium ILS. More open source components, consolidated Manage library resources in a format agnostic approach. Integration into the broader academic enterprise infrastructure

Development Schedule WorldShar e Manageme nt Services General Release in July 2011 200 now in production First ARL member in production in June 2014 Alma Intota 329 Libraries in libraries production by have 2015 signed for Alma. Over 200 in production Sierra Services Platform Kuali OLE 336 contracts completed, many libraries in production ( 250?) Version 1.0 released Dec 2013 Version 2.0 underway Summer 2014 implementations at University of Chicago and Lehigh University

Integrated Library Systems? ILS products continue to evolve Continue to be appropriate for libraries with active physical collections Development trajectory must include Public Libraries Integration of e-book lending Service-oriented architecture Improved support for non-print materials Evolved ILS will eventually resemble library services platforms

Evolved ILS example: Polaris Basic structure of an ILS APIs available for extensibility LEAP: development of Web-based staff interfaces Full integration of e-book discovery and lending Partnership with 3M Cloud Library Continues to see strong sales LEAP: new development on Web-based staff clients

Notable Companies

OCLC Non-profit corporation based in Dublin Ohio 203.5 million revenue 2011/12 fiscal year 57 million in scope of automation industry Owned and Governed by membership: Board of Trustees, Global and Regional Councils Lawsuit between SkyRiver / Innovative vs OCLC withdrawn Annual Reports available: annualreports/2012/2012.pdf

Ex Libris Largest company in the industry Formidable competition for Academic Libraries Global marketing strength Europe, Asia, North America Latin American distributor Longstanding business strategy based on research and development 194 personnel in development out of 536

Ex Libris Product Strategy Legacy ILS remain viable and profitable Aleph – Many national and large research library installations Voyager – Many national and academic research Customer base seeing some erosion to competing systems Alma developed as replacement for Aleph, Voyager and to attract new academic clients Academic libraries running non-specialized ILS targets for Alma

Innovative Interfaces Global company: Based in Emeryville, CA Markets to all library types Owned by HGGC and JMI Equity 361 employees, 120 in development International expansion

Polaris Acquired by Innovative in 2014 Major competitor for public libraries Mid-sized company (97 employees) Focus: Market: US Public Libraries Technology: MS Windows platform Strong customer service performance

ProQuest: (Workflow Solutions) Focus on Academic Libraries Summon: first Web-scale Discovery Service Summon 2.0 announced for summer 2013 Intota: Planned Library Services Platform (2015)

SirsiDynix Continues to see new sales, especially internationally Two flagship ILS products: Horizon and Symphony Symphony winning new sites, mostly outside the US Revival of development and support for Horizon

SirsiDynix Product Strategy Layer new technologies on the old Web Services layer for Horizon and Symphony New “BLUE Cloud” suite Enterprise Portfolio BookMyne Social Library (Facebook app) eResource Central e-resource management and discovery (mostly ebooks) 1-click check-out and download of e-books

Open Source Integrated Library Systems Major thread in library systems development Koha Evergreen Kuali OLE

Open Source Automation Systems Koha Evergreen Small to mid-sized public and academic libraries Used by several consortia (SKLS) Designed for Library Consortia Kuali OLE Designed for large research libraries

Koha Libraries Worldwide

Evergreen Popular system for state funded initiatives Georgia Pines Virginia Evergreen Indiana Evergreen Pennsylvania Integrated Library System: SPARKS Massachusetts: CW/MARS, Bibliomation, Merimack British Columbia SITKA North Carolina Cardinal

Evergreen Libraries Worldwide

Kuali OLE Enterprise level library services platform Financial and in-kind contributions from investing institutions Matched by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Major academic libraries in the US involved as original investing partners UK: Senate House Library Bloomsbury Colleges now committed in principal

Kuali OLE Timetable In development since 2009 Some libraries may go live in 2014 Additional grant from Mellon Foundation in 2012 to extend development Version 1.0 Released for Dec 2013 GOKb project started in 2012 for eresource management

Kuali OLE in Production Version 1.5: Print functionality only Lehigh University Electronic Resource Management implemented in 2015 in Version 2.0 release August 19, 2014 University of Chicago

Essential Investments Many libraries operate with automation systems not well aligned to the composition of their collections Library and campus tools may seem unsophisticated and primitive relative to what students experience outside the campus domain Practice of under-investment and deferred maintenance or replacements of library technology infrastructure

Leadership and Engagement Transition to new technology models just underway More transformative development than in previous phases of library automation Opportunities to partner and collaborate Vendors want to create systems with longterm value Question previously held assumptions regarding the shape of technology infrastructure and services Provide leadership in defining

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