Innovations in Graduate Business Education Lifelong Learning in

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Innovations in Graduate Business Education Lifelong Learning in a Digital Era Rutgers Business School – New Brunswick Campus October 15-17, 2018

Customizing Business Education to Individual Needs Matt Merrick Associate Dean, Degree Operations Kellogg School of Management

C o p y ri g h o r c o n fi d e n i a i y s a One-Year Full-Time MBA

One of 8 Program Options to Earn a Graduate Business Degree from Kellogg One-Year MBA (1Y). 15.5 credits. Two-Year MBA (2Y). 20.5 credits. Dual degree MBA and MS in Design Innovation (MMM). 28.5 credits. JD-MBA Program. MD-MBA Program. Evening/Weekend MBA Program. 20.5 credits / 15.5 credits. Executive MBA Program (EMBA). Pre-experience one year business degree (MSMS).

One-Year (1Y) MBA Program Highlights First one-year MBA in U.S. 50 years old. Admission process and requirements similar to 2Y. Cohort make-up similar to 2Y. Starts in June and runs exactly 12 months. 4 quarters. Typically “earn” credit for MicroEcon, Analytics, Operations, and Marketing. Join 2Ys in September. Same elective course offerings. Access to same co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities as 2Y. Student satisfaction typically higher than 2Y. Employment outcomes on par with 2Y.

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