Arduino GPS Logging Program By: Kenneth Mendenhall Supervisor:

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Arduino GPS Logging Program By: Kenneth Mendenhall Supervisor: Prof. Adrianno Cavalcanti, PhD

Overview How it works Software / Hardware Components Project Goals / Objectives Lessons Learned Conclusion / Questions

How it Works PC side program connects to Intel Edison Initialize communication channel GPS warms up, replies back with data Data gets stored for future use KML data viewable in Google Earth

Components NMEA Library (ATiny, v0.5.3) RXTXComm-2-2.jar / rxtxSerial.dll Jsoup-1.8.1.jar Xbjlib-1.1.0.jar FlashEdison JSON Image Intel Phone Flash Tool Lite

GP-17340 Receiver

Example GPS Data Streams

Example 2: Keyhole Markup Language

Xbee Pro Radios

More Detail Program to log GPS data Latitude Longitude Course / Heading Speed Altitude GPRMC Sentence Structure Inject data to .kml file for Google Earth to display

GPSLogger Fr ontEnd XBee Interface: myRadio KML Interface: kmlWriter GPSReciever main() event.getObject.equals(connectButton) new XBee Interface() myRadio.sendBroadcastData(0); Serial.write(0) event.dataAvailable(0) event.getObject.equals(startButton) new KML Handler() myRadio.beginTransmit() myRadio.sendBroadcastData(1) Serial.write(1) event.dataAvailable(1) Serial.write(data); event.dataAvailable(data) kmlWriter.writeCoordinatesToFile(data) Serial.write(1) event.dataAvaliable(1) Serial.write(data); event.dataAvailable(data) kmlWriter.writeCoordinatesToFile(data) event.getObject.equals(endButton) myRadio.endTransmit() myRadio.sendBroadcastData(2) Serial.write(2) event.dataAvaliable(2) kml.close() event.getObject.equals(disconnectButton) myRadio.close() System.exit(0)

This is NOT an app No No NO Still more NO Yep here too, still no

Benefits: Expandable Able to integrate into other projects Possibilities are endless

What is Arduino? Driver C Based Coding Methodology Expandable DIY Prototype Environments Support community with great resources

What is Intel Edison Microprocessor Expandable breakout board Atom Processor @ 500MHz 4 GB Flash Memory

Learning Objectives and Outcomes Develop prototype for future projects Expandable Issues integrating GPS GPS Accuracy / Need new GPS System feedback Cheap


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