Preparing for College What You Need to Know…

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Preparing for College What You Need to Know

Why Go to College? Prestige Financial Security Challenging and Rewarding Career Intellectual Development Develop Social skills Variety of Career Opportunities

Types of Colleges/Universities University of California (10 campuses, newest UC Merced will open 2004) 4-year Private Colleges and Universities California State University (23 campuses) 2-year Community Colleges

Financial Aid Cal Grants Federal Grants Scholarship Opportunities (Merit and Needbased scholarships)

Admission Requirements The Specifics

Courses You Must Complete in High School CSU and UC Systems A. B. C. D. E. F. G. History/Social Science - 2 years English – 4 years of College Prep Courses Math – 3 years required, 4 years recommended Laboratory Science – 2 years required, 3 years recommended Foreign Language – 2 years required, 3 years recommended Visual Performing Arts – 1 year College Prep Electives – 1 year

Calculating G.P.A. UC calculates GPA by – Assigning point values to grades earned, totaling the points, and dividing by the number of “a-g” course units Grades earlier than 10th grade do not apply into the G.P.A. 9th grade courses with “C” or better can be used to meet subject requirements

Eligibility Index for the UC UC Eligibility Index incorporates SAT I, SAT II scores, and G.P.A. SAT Total Score SAT I Composite (2 x [SAT II Writing SAT II Math Third SAT II ] ) Refer to Eligibility Index Chart on the IAP

UC Eligibility Index GPA “a-g” SAT Total GPA “a-g” SAT Total 3.50 3120 3.10 – 3.14 3616 3.45 – 3.49 3128 3.05 – 3.09 3720 3.40 – 3.44 3152 3.00 – 3.04 3840 3.35 – 3.39 3192 2.95 – 2.99 3984 3.30 – 3248 2.90 – 4160

Eligibility in a Local Contact (ELC) CA students who are in TOP 4% of their junior class will be considered UC Eligible if they meet a specified set of subject matter. Must submit application by November 30 annual deadline. The UC will notify students who fall into this group by September of the senior year.

Admission Tests SAT or ACT SAT II Advanced Placements

Getting into the College of Your Choice Set High Standards. Be Proactive! Take the most rigorous of courses. Maintain high overall academic achievement. Engage in successful and meaningful leadership experiences. Participate in meaningful community service.

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