General Cable

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General Cable

History Originally incorporated in New Jersey, 1927. Formed between Phillips Wire, Safety Cable Company, and Standard Underground Cable.

Locations Headquarters Located in Highland, Kentucky. 28 Manufacturing facilities in 11 different countries around the world 7200 Associates

Markets General Cable provides products for: Automotive Industry Communications Energy Military Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Electrical Distribution

Products Automotive Wire and Cable Central Office Cables Cord and Cordset products Data com Cable Electric Utility Cables Electronic Cable Fiber Optic Cables Industrial Cables Military Cables Mining Cables Nuclear Cables Offshore and marine cables Telecommunication Cables Transit Cables

Brands Energy Cables Bicc Brand Cables produces Bare Overhead HighVoltage Transmission and Distribution Cables and Low to medium voltage Distribution Cables. Industrial and Specialty Cables Carol Brand Cables produces portable cord, cordsets, portable power cable and premium grade cable for industrial applications.

Brands Communications Cables GenSpeed Brand Cables provides cable for projects from Gigabit Ethernet, token ring and broadband applications to patch panels, communications closets and plenum applications. NextGen Brand Cables provides fiber optic cables for data communications and voice and video networks. The products range from tight buffer and armored products for military applications to loose tube and hybrid cables for communication networks.

Brands General Cable Supplies many different specialty wires to other corporations including the Brand Rex brand wire used in nuclear facilities, and cable for the military.

Employment Chemical and Materials Engineers are frequently employed in R&D at General Cable, and are charged with research into new materials with specific conducting properties that may be used in specialty wires. There are many different job positions available at GC including sales, product management, finance, information technology, supply chain logistics, administration, manufacturing or technology, and accounting.

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