FCC Fall 2018 Convocation

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FCC Fall 2018 Convocation

Agenda Color Guard and Pledge Welcome New Faces & New Opportunities Instructional Focus Student Success Teams Accreditation Break State of the College Key Note Speaker Q&A

Color Guard and Pledge Mr. Christopher Washington, ASG President

Dr. Paul Parnell Welcome Back

New Faces and New Opportunities Welcome to those new to the FCC Family! Congratulations to our promoted employees! Fresno City College

Aaron Acevedo Financial Aid Assistant I Fresno City College

Mufadhal Al-Kuhlani Biology Instructor Fresno City College

Sean Boyd Geography Instructor Fresno City College

Chris Brady Fresno City College

Peter Cacossa Fire Technology Coordinator Fresno City College

Ernesto Cazares General & CVP Counselor Fresno City College

Donna Cooper Dean of Library & Learning Support Fresno City College

Andy Doris Equipment Manager Fresno City College

Caleb Duarte Art Instructor Fresno City College

Alex Fletcher Women’s Basketball Coach Fresno City College

Andreas R. Hernandez Director of Admissions & Records Fresno City College

John Hsiao English Instructor Fresno City College

Paul Lucckesi Music Instructor Fresno City College

Eliud Mushibe Chemistry Instructor Fresno City College

Robert Pimentel VP Educational Services/Institutional Effectiveness Fresno City College

Dale Putman Maintenance Mechanic Instructor Fresno City College

Doug Schreiner Acting Director of Technology Support Services Fresno City College

Jessica Shadrick Athletics Counselor Fresno City College

Carla Walter Interim VP of Administrative Services Fresno City College

Ashley Watkins Athletic Trainer Fresno City College

Elisha Wilson Music Instructor Fresno City College

Tony Yang Office Assistant – Admissions & Records Fresno City College

Pamm Zierfuss-Hubbard Athletic Director Fresno City College

Promotions Virginia Her - Accounting Clerk II Carlos Puente – Night Custodial Manager Amanda Romero, OA 1 (3/7/2018) Gabrielle Jimenez, OA 1 (May board) Charlotte Harmon, Library Services Specialist (May board) Anthony Estrada, custodian (May 2018) Luis Jauregui Martinez (june 2018), custodian Elaine Sasaki (June 2018) Bookstore Sales Clerk III Angelica Gonzales (June 2018), Early Childhood Education Associate David Clacher (June 2018), Financial Aid Assistant II Ashley Watkins (June 2018), Athletic Trainer Tiffany Martinez, Early Child Ed Specialist (6/26/2018) Lacey Easton, Sign Language II (7/16/18) Kimeka Simmons, Sign Language II (7/16/2018) Fresno City College

Instructional Focus Don Lopez Vice President of Instruction

Flex Day Reminders eLumen Guided Pathways AB-705 Open Educational Resources Fresno City College

Technology Update Summer 2018 700 lab computers installed Fall 2018 100 Faculty Computers Fresno City College

Accreditation Recommendation SLO on the syllabus Software platform that integrates with eLumen and Canvas Taskforce to review two solutions that have been identified Review and test Purchase Product and implement in Spring 2019 Fresno City College


FCC FTES (Full-time Equivalent Students) 17,132 2017-18 16,787 16,623 Fresno City College 2016-17 2012-13 14,500 2010-11 15,000 2011-12 15,635 15,500 2014-15 16,000 2013-14 16,584 16,500 16,221 17,000 17,124 17,500 2015-16 18,000 18,032 18,500

320 Report for 2017-2018 Part FUND METHOD II WEEKLY III IV CRED 2017SU PUSH 2017FA 2018SP 2018SU Total 0.00 5,989.01 5,472.83 0.00 11,461.84 DAILY 953.91 575.01 752.62 755.59 3,037.13 POSATT 253.43 457.72 618.70 14.20 1,344.05 0.00 41.00 0.00 0.00 41.00 Carryover PosAtt IV NCRED NONCRED 45.81 142.55 254.14 0.32 442.82 V WRKEX WEEKLY 0.00 624.46 672.43 0.00 1,296.89 VI WRKEX DAILY 249.80 227.69 269.35 235.46 982.30 Totals (credit & non credit) 1,502.95 8,057.44 8,040.07 1,005.57 18,606.03 Total Credit 1,457.14 7,914.89 7,785.93 1,005.25 18,163.21 45.81 142.55 254.14 0.32 442.82 Total Non Credit Fresno City College

New Funding Formula The Aim of the New Formula 70-20-10 Split 70% – Base Allocation 20% – Equity Allocation 10% – Student Success Allocation Fresno City College

Enrollment Strategies K-12 Partnerships Dual Enrollment Remote Locations DSHS – Middle College Central Valley Promise Online Learning Guided Pathways 15 to Finish Non-Credit Offerings Increased CTE Programs Enhanced Support Services Fresno City College

Central Valley Promise Fresno City College

Dual Enrollment

DuE by the numbers Terms Sections Enrollment FTES 6 66 6.5 Spring 2016 43 702 102 Fall 2016 16 206 28 Spring 2017 62 1,500 126 Fall 2017 35 770 59 Spring 2018 99 2,002 185 Fall 2018 80 1000* 70* 148 3000* 200* Fall 2015 Spring 2019 * Projections Fresno City College

Courses Being Offered – Fall 2018 Courses Courses Courses AC 50 BT 32 MA 1 ALLIEDH 100 CIT 12 MATH 4A ARCH 11 CIT 15 PE 20 AT 21 CIT 202 PHOTO 12 AT 40 CONS 50A PHOTO 267 AUTOT 9 COUN 48 PHOTO 5 BA 27 COUN 53 SPAN 1 BA 50 CRIM 1 SPAN 2 BT 28 EST 53 SPAN 2NS BT 29 HIT 10 Fresno City College

Courses Being Offered – Spring 2019 Courses Courses Courses Courses A H 100 CADD 14 DRAFTING 12 MA 2 AC 50 CIT 15 ENG 1A MATH 4A AT 10 CIT 202 EST 51 PE 20 AT 11 CONS 50A FIRET 1 PHOTO 12 AUTOT 9 CONS 50B FN 35 PHOTO 5 BA 10 COUN 48 FSM 35 PHOTO 6 BA 49 COUN 53 GRC 27 SPAN 1 BA 52 CRIM 1 HEALTH 1 WELD 1 BT 28 CRIM 3 HIT 10 BT 29 CRIM 6 MA Fresno City College 1

33 High school partners High Schools High Schools High Schools Big Picture High School DeBoise High School McLane High School Buchanan High School Design Science Hs Orange Cove High School Bullard High School Dewolf Charter Orosi High School C.A.R.T Dinuba High School Parlier High School Cambridge High School Duncan High School Reedley High School Central High School Edison High School Roosevelt High School Clovis East Fresno High School Sanger High School Clovis High Hoover High School Selma High School Corcoran High School J.E. Young Charter Sierra Charter Crescent View Charter Kerman High School Sunnyside High School CTEC Charter Kingsburg High School Washington Union High School Fresno City College

Distance Education Dr. Jodie Steeley Director of Distance Education and Instructional Technology

FCC Distance Education Distance * Face to Face Fall Sections Enrollment Success Retention GPA Success Retention GPA 2011 78 1,859 63.6% 85.1% 2.40 68.8% 90.3% 2.39 2012 89 2,358 63.8% 84.7% 2.44 68.4% 90.4% 2.36 2013 92 2,580 61.4% 85.9% 2.29 68.5% 91.0% 2.37 2014 96 2,670 59.6% 84.1% 2.27 69.5% 91.1% 2.34 2015 153 4,614 63.8% 86.4% 2.35 68.7% 90.9% 2.33 2016 214 6,424 65.9% 88.3% 2.37 70.3% 91.5% 2.38 2017 250 6,939 69.6% 88.0% 2.58 70.4% 91.5% 2.37 * 100% and Hybrid Fresno City College

Finish Faster Fresno City College

Online Courses

115th Online Community College

FCC Distance Education Distance * Face to Face Fall Sections Enrollment Success Retention GPA Success Retention GPA 2011 78 1,859 63.6% 85.1% 2.40 68.8% 90.3% 2.39 2012 89 2,358 63.8% 84.7% 2.44 68.4% 90.4% 2.36 2013 92 2,580 61.4% 85.9% 2.29 68.5% 91.0% 2.37 2014 96 2,670 59.6% 84.1% 2.27 69.5% 91.1% 2.34 2015 153 4,614 63.8% 86.4% 2.35 68.7% 90.9% 2.33 2016 214 6,424 65.9% 88.3% 2.37 70.3% 91.5% 2.38 2017 250 6,939 69.6% 88.0% 2.58 70.4% 91.5% 2.37 * 100% and Hybrid Fresno City College

Teacher’s Toolbox

Kung Fu Canvas

DEC 101 (Distance Education Certification) 120 Faculty/Courses Certified in Canvas with OEI Rubric Since Spring 2017! Fresno City College

Contact/Email/Phone/VideoChat Dr. Jodie Steeley x2246 Jon Wilson x8665 Kevin Scritchfield x2223 Zoom-Pro by name (free accounts) Fresno City College

eLumen Project

Project Scope Curriculum SLO and Assessment Program Review Planning Fresno City College

Project Timelines Curriculum Implement Fall 2018 SLO and Assessment Implement SP2019 Program Review Implement FA2019 Planning Implement FA2019 Fresno City College

Student Services Dr. Lataria Hall Vice President of Student Services

Student Services Highlights Ram Pantry 38,878 visits 7243 unduplicated 252.5 visits/wk Financial Aid 2017-18 Disbursement totaled 45,680,00 2018-19 Disbursement totaling 5,600,000 disbursed in Pell 2018-19 Disbursed 230,000 in scholarships

Fall Enrollment 5655 new students enrolled for fall 2018 SEPA’s - 4457 SEPC’s - 127 SEPA’s & SEPC’s - 493 Total - 4584

Team Approach

Academic Benefits Innovative team approach Highly personalized services Eliminates obstacles Increases timely completion Collaboration across divisions Informs data driven decisions by discipline Creates a sense of belonging for the student

Roles Student Services Administrator Academic Division Dean/Department Chair Intervention Specialist Counselor Financial Aid Specialist Creates students student toeducation academic plans support programs (tutor Liaison between Student Services and Directs Assists with FAFSA completion Services and Instructional Instructional Services center, ETC, PASS) Liaison between Student Provides major specific counseling Conducts short financial aid presentations during Services Team students with strategies academic Provides leadership for Student Success Provides success team workshops, etc. Establishes academic goals forevents, student classes, and to other success Provides updates regarding Supports team leader Serves as a point ofIntervention contact student success Works majors, closely with Specialist division Tracks early alertfor team members financialprogress aid questions Monitors the division data through the Student Tracks student academic through Student Includes Student Services team lead in all division Success and Completion data dashboard withidentifies studentsstudents fordata making satisfactory Follows-up Monitors on warning, Successand and Completion dashboard meetingsDean/Department academic progress disqualification, and exceeding max time frame on Includes Academic Division with Student Services Administrator Coordinates financial Chair in Student Success Team meetings andaidsupports studentsinin the library Tracks identifying student needs forincomplete theprogram divisionFAFSA files Tracks technology

Your Major

Your Division Allied Health, Physical Education, and Athletics Applied Technology Business Education Career Technology Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts Humanities Library & Student Learning Support Services Math, Science, and Engineering Social Sciences

Your Team Student Services Administrator Academic Division Dean/Department Chair Intervention Specialist Counselor Financial Aid Specialist Contact Contact when Contact when when academically You want to create update your student You about You are wantstruggling to learn more financial aid ororattend a financial aid education plan are on academic probation or disqualification You presentation or workshops You need academic advising placed earlyexceeded alert has time beenfor on your recordaid due to low An You’ve receiving financial funding low test scores, anything personal thatconcerns might takethat youmay off Youorhave You need assistance completing FAFSA attendance, your educational path impact your education money through student loans You want to learn about borrowing You need guidance on the next steps for You have a financial crisistransferring for financial aid You become disqualified You want to explore career options Your financial aid forms are incomplete

Working Together Student Services Student Services Administrator Intervention Specialist Counselor Financial Aid Specialist Academics/Faculty Division: APA Allied Health, Physical Education, and Athletics AT Applied Technology Bus Business Education FPCA Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts Hum Humanities LRC Library & Student Learning Support Services MSE Math, Science, and Engineering Soc Sci Social Sciences CTC Career Technology

Steps Begin Here 1. Application 2. Assessment 3. Orientation 4. Counseling (SEPA) 5. Registration Become RAM Ready Attend RAM Ready, the new student welcome event, prior to the start of semester 1. Get ID card, parking permit, textbooks, and pay fees 2. Take campus tour to find classrooms and service areas 3. Learn about technology, student resources, campus life, etc.

Steps continued Connect with your Success team You will be assigned to a specific team of specialists who will provide guidance and support throughout your time at FCC. From help with financial aid to making sure you get the classes you need to stay on track, regularly scheduled check-ins with your team will make sure you’re on the path to success. Stay on Track Register for 15 or more units each semester Apply for financial aid each year Take advantage of student learning resources (tutorial center, PASS, etc.)

Work toward goal Work toward your goal

Success Congratulations on meeting your educational goal!

Accreditation Cyndie Luna & Dr. Alan Razee Accreditation Liaisons

Where We Are Site visit & report last March Commission reviewed report & approved FCC accreditation in June Full accreditation for 7 years Commendations Recommendations Fresno City College

Recommendations to College Syllabi should include current & correct Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) Student achievement plan Library & Library Student Support Services outcomes Administrative structure & capacity Fresno City College

Where We Are Going Translate the Quality Focus Essay (QFE) into action Follow-up report due Oct. 2019 Midterm report due 2022 Next accreditation visit in 2025 Fresno City College

To Learn More Direct link to accreditation materials from FCC website: “ACCJC” Self study Spring visit action letter External evaluation report [email protected] Fresno City College

Mid Program Break Fresno City College

State of the College Dr. Goldsmith

Guided Pathways: Looking Back, Looking Forward Laura Hope, Executive Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Support August 8, 2018

Guided Pathways Vision for Success Goal 1: Increase by at least 20 percent the number of CCC students annually who acquire associates degrees, credentials, certificates, or specific skill sets that prepare them for an in-demand job. Goal 2: Increase by 35 percent the number of CCC students systemwide transferring annually to a CSU or UC, necessary to meet the state’s needs for workers with baccalaureate degrees. Goal 3: Decrease the average number of units accumulated by CCC students earning associates degrees from approximately 87 to 79 total units—the average among the top 5th of colleges showing the strongest performance on this measure.

Goal 4: Guided Pathways Increase the percentage of exiting CTE students who report being employed in their field of study, from the statewide average of 60% to 69%--the average among the top 5th of colleges showing the strongest performance on this measure. Goal 5: Reduce equity gaps by 40% across all of the previous measures through faster improvements among traditionally underrepresented students, closing the gap within 10 years. Goal 6: Reduce regional achievement gaps across the previous measures through faster improvements among colleges located in regions with the lowest educational attainment of adults, with the goal of closing the gap within 10 years.

California’s Response to Guided Pathways All 114 California Community Colleges have committed to the guided pathways framework! Guided Pathways invokes unity, but not uniformity

Transformational Reform Programmatic Reform Structural Reform Small locus of control Collaborative control Limited impact Maximum impact Disconnected Cultural reform and integration

Pillars of Guided Pathways


Self-Assessment Results 4% PreAdoption 76% Early Adoption 20% In Progress

Multi-Year Work Plan Themes Broaden engagement and connect governance Create cross-functional team structures Clarify decision-making and communication Adopt systems-based language for new culture Plan interest clusters and curriculum maps

Support Infrastructure Levels System Policy Connectivity Regional Local GP Awards Program Regional Coordinators Professional Development Virtual community Tools and Activities Peer coaching Role-Alike Events Peer Communities Design Teams Strategic Alignment University Partners Funding Formula Workforce Partners and Relationships Governance structures Simplified Metrics Intersegmental Partnerships Community Accountability K-12 Partners Workforce Partners

Building Community Around Shared Goals

Transformational Paradigm Inquiry Design Implementation

Build a Strong Foundation Data at the center of the dialogue Transformation not just transactions Inclusive dialogue Student voice and centered Ambiguity as a norm Evaluative intentions Risk-tolerance and trust Courage, courage, courage

Next Steps and Questions

Closing comments Dr. Carole Goldsmith

Afternoon Agenda Lunch on your own 12:00-1:00 Instructional and Student Services Division Meetings 1:00-3:00 Fresno City College

Thank you . Have a great semester

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