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Follow the recommended number of calories on the new food guide pyramid. Adolescence is a time of great activity and rapid growth. Adolescent need a variety of nutritious dense foods throughout the day. Teens should avoid high sugar and high fat snack foods and monitor amounts of caffeine and carbonated drinks (including energy drinks).

Special Diet Concerns

Iron Teen Females need 15 mg/day Teen Males need 12 mg/day Good Sources: meat, poultry, fish, cereal, beans, green leafy vegetables

Calcium Teens need 1,300 mg a day Make sure to include Vitamin D to help the calcium build strong bones.

Teen Athletes Three nutrients needed to provide energy are: Carbohydrates, Protein and fat. Muscle is built by exercise, NOT by eating extra protein. Nutrient-dense foods are required because of highenergy output. Water is ESSENTIAL – 2 cups of water is recommended for every pound lost during a workout. Potassium replacement is recommended after a workout. A good way to accomplish this is by eating dried fruit, fruit, vegetables, and drink low-fat milk.

ACTIVITY Be physically active each day! At least 60 minutes per day.

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