Ranger Nursing April 2016

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Ranger Nursing April 2016

National Program Recognition for 2015-2016

Faculty/Staff Profile Six Full Time Faculty Doctorally Prepared Remaining Faculty engaged in Doctoral Study New Ketterman Lab Coordinator: Jean Wahlgren Linda Banks – Secretary in Alva

Updates Renovation of the Professional Practice Lab in Alva Integration of simulation into the nursing curriculum for both juniors and seniors. Enhanced usage of ATI in curriculum to assess for deficiencies and target remediation before NCLEX. Individualized Performance Enhancement Plans developed with every student to maximize their strengths and guide towards success. Increased usage of Ketterman Lab with clinical partner in 2015-2016.

Summer MASH Camp Held in collaboration with Northwest Technology Center 35 students (just finishing 6th grade) attended the 2 ½ day experience focusing on health careers Grant for Summer 2016 attained and will once again recruit students from the Woods county area.

Graduates Traditional Program: 33 in May 2015 Online RN-to-BSN: 10 in December 2015

Current Student Enrollment Juniors: Total- 39 Alva – 17 Enid – 11 Woodward -6 Ponca City – 5 Seniors: Total - 34 Alva – 14 Enid – 11 Woodward – 6 Ponca City -3 Online RN-to-BSN: Total – 14 Summer 16 Grads – 6 December 16 Grads - 8 TOTAL NURSING STUDENTS 87

2016-17 Applicants Traditional Program 35 Letters of Acceptance sent to Applicants to start Summer 2016

Online RN-to-BSN Program Admissions Rolling acceptance: 2 accepted and 4 in cue Application deadline June 30, 2016 for Fall cohort Now enrolling students every semester

Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes 2015 NCLEX Pass Rates (percent by calendar year) Alva - 73.3% (11/15 passed) Enid – 100% (5/5 passed) Woodward – 90% (9/10 passed) Ponca City – 100% (1/1 passed) Cumulative: 83.87% 2014 Cumulative: 76.92%

Program Outcomes 2015 Class and NCLEX: NCLEX Pass Rate Report to OBN for Alva Campus Of the 4 unsuccessful students2 were 2014 graduates 2 were delayed more than 3 months with NCLEX There remain 2 graduates who have not tested

Program Outcomes Ongoing NCLEX Improvement Actions: Earlier VATI Start in 2015 with even earlier VATI targets established for 2016 seniors Continued faculty 1:1 work with at risk students Goal: 2016 grads will have completed at least 50% of VATI before end of classes VATI is a student-driven process.

Program Outcomes 2015 Graduate Surveys: Overall Satisfaction with Educational Preparation 1.45 Practice safely as a nursing generalist, using nursing process 1.18 Utilize effective communication skills to engage in therapeutic relationships 1.16 Job Placement – 66% secured position before graduation: Enid – 10 Alva – 1 Woodward – 3 Ponca City -3 Seiling – 1 Buffalo – 1 Dodge City -1 Tulsa - 1 46 % planned to further formal education Strengths of program: Faculty Opportunities for Improvement: More clinical sites, traveling

Program Outcomes Alumni Surveys (6 months post graduation) 8 responses 88% are working full time nights in Med/Surg, OB or ER 88% plan to stay with current employer at least one more year 100% state employers’ expectations of my professional practice are in agreement with the expectations voiced by NWOSU Nursing Faculty 75% view role as professional nurse differently now than did when graduating. Comments: “The holistic approach is probably the most beneficial thing I gained as well as how we were taught to do assessments. My assessment skills coming out of college were better than many nurses.” “Capstone clinicals were the most helpful experiences”. “Wish I had learned ACLS and NIH Stroke Assessment”

Program Outcomes Alumni Surveys (2012 grads) 1 response Working in NYC in a Laser Skin Surgery Center “Our work in Evidence Based Practice makes it easier to implement new policies and regulations in the workplace. Also being trained to connect with patients helps you be an effective advocate for them”. “We had no real training in areas such as dermatology, but I still don’t feel like I had a deficit. Just a little overwhelmed at first. Skin cancer surgeries are my favorite.”

Program Outcomes Employer Surveys: Sent out 27 survey links using Survey Monkey Received ONE response with mean scores of 1.0 on all criteria

Program Outcomes Facility Evaluation of Student Clinical Experiences Received 18 responses from 10 facilities Objectives, expectations and schedules are communicated in advance (1.43) Facility policies and procedures followed (1.31) Significant patient data communicated to staff (1.51) Nursing staff aware of their roles in student experience (1.52) Staff comfortable sharing in instruction process with faculty/students (1.35) Students work collaboratively with staff to meet patient needs (1.43) Students/faculty receptive to feedback from facility staff (1.31) Likert Scale: 1 Very Satisfied 5 Strongly Dissatisfied

Still to come . Continue to improve the NCLEX pass rate issue and timeliness of grads in taking exam Curriculum mapping to the 2016 NCLEX Test Plan Explore establishing relationship with Vance Medical Wing Seek national accreditation through CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education) Change in Administrative Structure at NWOSU BSN to DNP Family Nurse Practitioner Program

BSN to DNP Family Nurse Practitioner Program Fully funded program to admit first students in Fall 2017 Three year program with 73 credits and 1020 clinical practicum hours Grads will be eligible for FNP certification and APRN licensure in Oklahoma Program allows students to bypass the MSN Degree completion component for FNPs with MSN

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