NSTA 2015 Upcoming Changes to CDL Requirements Matt Coatney

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NSTA 2015 Upcoming Changes to CDL Requirements Matt Coatney CDL Program Manager 1

New Federal Requirements The Federal CDL Testing/CLP Final Rule mandates major changes to the testing and issuance requirements of CDL documents. All states must be in compliance with all segments of the Final Rule by 7/8/15. The scope of the final rule is so large that we implemented those items that didn’t require Nebraska law changes in 2014. 2

What is the 2005 model CDL Testing System? Didn’t require Nebraska law change to implement. Went into effect 4/11/2014. Requires an actual walk-around Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection. Air Brake and Hydraulic Brake Check became part of the Vehicle Inspection. Vehicle Inspection randomizes the parts of the vehicle that must be inspected. 3

New Federal Requirements 2014’s Nebraska LB 983 allowed us to fully comply with new testing rule on 7/8/2015. The actual CDL skills testing system won’t change on 7/8/2015, but many other requirements will. 4

New Federal Requirements All CDL holders, applicants for a CLP and anyone taking action on a CDL-document will be required to show proof of U.S. Citizenship or lawful status. U.S. citizens only need to provide this once after July 8, 2015. Persons with lawful status will need to provide their proof every time a new CDL-type document is applied for. 5

New Federal Requirements All LPCs issued prior to July 8, 2015, will expire on July 8, 2015 to make way for the new testing requirements. 6

New Federal Requirements Drivers will be required to have a Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) and hold it for a minimum of 14 days before taking a skills test. CLP’s will have a class and could have endorsements and restrictions. All applicable knowledge tests must be passed in order to obtain a CLP. 7

New Federal Requirements The following endorsements will be allowed on a CLP: P (Passenger) S (School Bus) N (Tank Vehicle) The following restrictions will be required on a CLP: (P- No passengers in CMV bus) X (No cargo in CMV tank vehicle) L (No air brake equipped CMV) M(except Class A Bus) 8

New Federal Requirements Skills testing must be completed while the CLP is valid. If it expires and all skills testing isn’t completed, a new CLP must be issued and all previous skills tests are invalid. 9

New Federal Requirements Drivers will be required to pass the CDL Skills Test sequentially and each segment must be passed in order to move to the next segment. 1) Vehicle Inspection 2) BCS 3) Road No longer will drivers be allowed to only schedule portions of the test. All three segments must be scheduled initially. 10

New Federal Requirements Drivers wishing to make appointments to take skills tests with DMV Examiners must contact the DMV Main Office in Lincoln to schedule an appointment. No appointments will be made by local DMV Examiners. (402) 471-7983 Third Party Examiners will schedule their own appointments. 11

New Federal Requirements The Nebraska DMV will continue to administer CDL Knowledge Tests at all Driver Licensing Services offices. However, we only administer the Skills Tests at 22 DMV locations. The amount of space required to administer the new skills test limits the number of locations we can use. 12

CDL Testing Locations in Nebraska Sioux Dawes Sheridan Cherry Keya Paha Boyd Holt Brown Knox Rock Morrill Dixon Dakota Antelope Pierce Wayne Box Butte Scotts Bluff Cedar Garden Grant Hooker Thomas Blaine Loup Thurston Cuming Madison Stanton Burt Garfield Wheeler Boone Arthur Banner Kimball McPherson Logan Custer Platte Valley Greeley Nance Cheyenne Keith Lincoln ShermanHoward Polk Merrick Deuel Dawson Perkins Buffalo York Hall Colfax Dodge Washington Butler Saunders Douglas Sarpy Seward Lancaster Hamilton Chase Dundy Third Party Testers Who Test Others DMV Locations Hayes Frontier Gosper Adams Clay Phelps Kearney Otoe Fillmore Saline Hitchcock Red Willow Furnas Harlan Franklin Webster NuckollsThayer Cass Gage Jefferson Johnson Nemaha Pawnee Richardson Both 07/14

New Federal Requirements CDL Third Party Testers who are training schools may administer the CDL Skills Tests to out-of-state CLP holders. They must hold an CLP from their home state for at least 14 days before any skills tests can be administered to them. Nebraska DMV will transmit the test results to the other state and the individual will return to their home state to have the CDL issued. 14

New Federal Requirements Similarly, Nebraska residents who attend outof-state training schools may take their CDL Skills Tests from that training provider in the other state. They must hold an CLP from Nebraska for at least 14 days before any skills tests can be administered to them. The other state will transmit the test results to the Nebraska DMV and the individual will return to Nebraska to have the CDL issued. 15

New Federal Requirements New CDL restrictions effective 7/8/2015 E – No manual transmission. (For purposes of the skills test and the restriction, an automatic transmission includes any transmission not operating fully on the gear shift and clutch principle.) Z – No full air brake equipped CMV. (For purposes of the skills test and the restriction, air over hydraulic brake includes any braking system operating partially on the air brake and partially on the hydraulic brake principle.) 16

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection The Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection is no longer a written test. The purpose of a Vehicle Inspection test is to see if the applicant has the knowledge to determine whether the vehicle is safe to drive. During the test, the driver will be instructed to either perform a complete vehicle inspection or to perform only certain parts of a complete vehicle inspection. 17

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection The driver is allowed to use the Vehicle Inspection Memory Aid from the CDL Driver’s Manual (Page 11-9). This is the only paperwork or working aid the driver is allowed to refer to during the vehicle inspection test. 18


Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection A tremendous study aid to pass the Vehicle Inspection is a sample test video on the Nebraska DMV website. Since the debut of this video, the passing rate increased by 15%. Two other states have asked to use this video for their customers and have it linked on their websites. 20

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection 21

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Don’t just ‘name’ parts. Driver must point to or touch and give 2-3 pieces of inspectible criteria about each component. Common problem: driver says, “This looks good” or “This is my gauge” and nothing else. If you can’t see a component, no need to crawl underneath or get dirty. Tell the examiner what to inspect if it was visible. 22

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Section 11 of the Nebraska CDL Driver’s Manual should be studied thoroughly before taking the Vehicle Inspection skills test. Section 11 has all the inspectible criteria listed. Drivers who don’t study Section 11 are NOT likely to pass the Vehicle Inspection test. 23

Test Randomization The Vehicle Inspection and Basic Control Skills Tests are randomized by a computer. The applicant must prepare to inspect the entire vehicle and perform all six BCS exercises. The applicant will be assigned either a partial area of the vehicle to inspect or a full vehicle inspection. The applicant will be administered three of the six possible BCS exercises. 24

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Vehicle Inspection Form A, B, C and Full A – Engine Start, External Lights on the front and driver’s door forward. B – Engine Start, External Lights on the rear of and driver’s door back. C – Engine Start, External Lights on the rear of the trailer and the trailer. Full – Entire Vehicle and all lights. 25

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Driver’s of passenger vehicles are also required to inspect all bus-specific areas on their vehicles for any of the three forms. This includes: passenger entry & lift, emergency exits, seating, baggage compartments, school bus student lights, stop arm & safety arm, student mirror, emergency kit and body fluid kit. 26

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection For passenger vehicles, to get credit for Emegency Exits, the driver must identify ALL emergency exits and demonstrate ONE opens from the inside and outside and demonstrate the emergency device (buzzer) sounds from ONE of the exits. 27

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection External Lights Inspection Examiner can and should assist. First item on the vehicle inspection. This is an operational check. Later in the inspection, driver will check same lights for presence and condition. 28

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection 29

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection 30

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection 31

Basic Control Skills Tests The purpose of the Basic Control Skills Tests is to evaluate the driver’s basic skills in controlling the vehicle and judging its position in relation to other objects. Tests basic skills essential for safe control of the vehicle. The judgment and control required for these basic control skills are also required in other different driving situations. 32

Basic Control Skills Tests Three categories of exercises for the tests. One exercise from each category must be selected. Research has shown that each exercise within the three categories is equal in level of difficulty. Categories for the test: – Category 1 (straight line backing) – Category 2 (offset back left or offset back right) – Category 3 (conventional parallel park or sightside parallel park or 90 degree alley dock) 33

Basic Control Skills Tests Each exercise involves scoring “pull-ups,” “encroachments,” and “final vehicle position,” as well as, observing “looks.” – Pull-ups – when a driver stops and reverses direction to get a better position, it is scored as a pull-up. 34

Basic Control Skills Tests – Encroachments – if a driver touches or crosses over an exercise boundary line or touches a cone, it is scored as an encroachment. – Looks – for each of the exercises, the driver is permitted to exit the vehicle to check behind them without receiving points. The driver must do so in a safe manner. The number of free looks is specified by the exercise. – Position – for each of the exercises, the driver can receive 10 points depending on the final position of the vehicle. 35

Basic Control Skills Tests Straight line backing Offset backing (left and right) Conventional and sight side parallel parking 90 degree alley dock Drivers should study Section 12 of the CDL Driver’s Manual to prepare for the Basic Control Skills Tests 36

Straight Line Backing 37

Straight Line Backing 38

Offset Backing (Left and Right) 39

Offset Backing (Left and Right) 40

Offset Backing (Left and Right) 41

Conventional & Sight Side Parallel Park 42

Conventional Parallel Park 43

Sight Side Parallel Park 44

90 Degree Alley Dock 45

90 Degree Alley Dock 46

90 Degree Alley Dock 47

Basic Control Skills Tests 48

Basic Control Skills Tests Passing Scores 49

CDL Road Test The purpose of the CDL Road Test is to evaluate that the driver has a minimum level of skill to operate the vehicle safely in most road situations. The CDL Road Test changed the least of the three skills test exercises in the move from the 2.0 test system to the current model test system. Drivers should study Section 13 of the CDL Driver’s Manual to prepare for the Road Test. 50

CDL Road Test Required Maneuvers 51

CDL Road Test 52

CDL Road Test 53

CDL Road Test 54

CDL Road Test 55

Student Discharge Required maneuver for drivers seeking the S endorsement in a yellow school bus. Drivers seeking S endorsement in an MFSAB (Multi-Function School Activity Bus) will NOT perform the Student Discharge but will be able to add the S endorsement. These drivers will have a Z restriction added to their CDL’s for No School Bus Route Operation. 56

Student Discharge The scoring criteria for the Student Discharge maneuver is found in Section 13.1.10 of the CDL Driver’s Manual. The section also refers the driver to section 10. We’ll look at both sections in reviewing this maneuver. 57

Student Discharge CDL Driver’s Manual Section 10: CDL Driver’s Manual Section 13: Pupil Transportation Guide: 58

Student Discharge Section 10 – CDL Driver’s Manual Section 13 – CDL Driver’s Manual 59

Student Discharge Section 10 – CDL Driver’s Manual Section 13 – CDL Driver’s Manual 60

Student Discharge Section 10 – CDL Driver’s Manual Section 13 – CDL Driver’s Manual 61

Student Discharge Section 10 – CDL Driver’s Manual Section 13 – CDL Driver’s Manual 62

Student Discharge The CDL Road Test Student Discharge maneuver has nothing to do with the Nebraska Class D/E Bus Permit Drive Test. The Nebraska Class D/E Bus Permit Drive Test is derived from information exclusively contained in the Nebraska Pupil Transportation Guide. 63

Student Discharge CDL holders with an S endorsement may not necessarily also have a bus permit, although most do. There are 17 possible point deductions on the Student Discharge. You can have errors and still pass the CDL Road Test and acquire the S endorsement. 64


Student Discharge The Class D/E Bus Permit Road Test has 16 potential point deductions. A perfect score is required to pass the Class D/E Bus Permit Road Test. 66

Student Discharge The Class D/E Bus Permit Road Test involves a Student Pickup, not a Student Discharge. The Class D/E Bus Permit Road Test has no connection whatsoever to the CDL Road Test nor the Student Discharge maneuver within the CDL Road Test. 67

Scoring the Road Test Automatic failures: – driver violates any laws – causes any concern for the safety of others or property

Nebraska Additional Automatic Failures Nebraska CDL Rules & Regs state that there are three additional Automatic CDL Road Test Failures – Turning From the Wrong Lane Speeding 6 mph or more Poor control of vehicle.

Passing Scores

Reminder on CDL Medical Certification Many school bus permit holders are Interstate-Excepted (Category B) on their CDL medical certification and aren’t required to keep a valid medical card on file with the DMV. This is a separate requirement from the yearly bus permit physical.

Reminder on CDL Medical Certification For drivers who are Interstate- non-Excepted (Category A), they have to keep a valid Medical Examiner’s Card on file with the DMV. Do NOT send in long form physicals for the CDL med cert. we JUST NEED THE CARDS and don’t need to send the same cards multiple times.

Nebraska DMV Website The Nebraska DMV’s website has a special section devoted to CDL documents and the 7/8/2015 changes. You are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to review this information. www.dmv.ne.gov 73

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