Malware Incident Response Erdal Ozkaya Raymond Comvalius

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Malware Incident Response Erdal Ozkaya Raymond Comvalius CISO Infrastructure Architect Emt Holding NEXTXPERT

Module Agenda First response at a malware attack Recognizing malware Identifying Malware processes Locating malware files Removing persistence Tracing malware More on tooling

Don’t rely on antivirus This was once effective Still recognizes the usual suspects Easy to bypass? “Symantec's senior vice president for information security estimates antivirus now catches just 45% of cyberattacks.” The Wall Street Journal, May 4, 2014

Incident response: Malware Disconnect from network Identify malicious processes and drivers Terminate identified processes Identify and delete malware autostarts Delete malware files Reboot and repeat

What to look for Processes that: Have no icon Have no description or company name Unsigned Microsoft images Live in Windows directory or user profile Include strange URLs in their strings Have open TCP/IP endpoints

Process Explorer Process View Highlights VirusTotal Integration DLL View Strings

Identifying malicious processes All (most) Microsoft software is digitally signed Verify all signatures Verification will connect to the Internet to check Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) Submit to VirusTotal

Scan for malicious executables Tool: sigcheck sigcheck –e – vs –vr –u –s c:\ -e scan for executables -v for VirusTotal -u for unsigned images Popular locations are %appdata% and %windir%

Terminating Processes Don’t just kill the process - Watchdogs often restarts the process Instead suspend the process May cause system hang for Svchost processes Record the full path to each exe and DLL Then kill the processes - Watch for new appearances

Remove Persistance MSConfig is not the best tool Task Manager is also not your best option Use AutoRuns from SysInternals

Using AutoRuns Filter the list Do not show entries from Microsoft Verify signatures Check VirusTotal Be careful to submit to VirusTotal Do not delete the malicious entry but disable

Tracing Malware Tool: Process Monitor Event Classes File System Registry Process Network Profiling

System Monitor (Sysmon) Background system monitoring Records to the Windows event log Enables tracing of historic activity Installs as a service/driver


Other SysInternal Forensic Tools Disk2vhd TcpView

Other Forensic Tools SysInternals PowerShell NirSoft MyLastSearch WebBrowserPassView IECookieViewer

Summary Be prepared for a malware attack Make sure you know the tools and strategy Implement Sysmon Learn PowerShell!

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