Let’s take a dive into the data! Presented by Laura Schenk MS,

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Let’s take a dive into the data! Presented by Laura Schenk MS, RN Academic Progression Coordinator for Nursing at Harford Community College & Cecil College

Objectives Review project goals and objectives Analyze data from various activities Discuss the impact of current data (“Dive deep,” n.d.)

Recognition of support Maryland Higher Education Commission’s Nurse Support Program II NSP II grant # 16-111: “Cecil-Harford Academic Progression in Nursing Initiative”

Starting at the surface An overview of the project (“Scuba diver,” 2009)

Project goals 1. Increase the number of ADN graduates who complete a BSN or MSN through increased opportunities for seamless academic progression by 120 students by 2020. 2. Create tools and establish systems for collecting accurate baseline data.

Project Objectives Academic progression coordinator Dual enrollment partnerships Articulation agreements Professional development activities Website resources Data collection, analysis, projections

Timeline Fiscal year 2016 – Fiscal year 2020 Year 1 – Year 3 completed 2 years remain Year 1: FY16 Year 2: FY17 Year 3: FY18 Year 4: FY19 Year 5: FY20

The center of it all Achievement of expected outcomes (Firsta, n.d.)

Dual Enrollment/Dual Admission Partnerships/articulations Enrollment Retention and attrition Degree completion!

Partnerships/articulations Increase the number of partners for dual enrollment Harford Community College: Towson University ATB Option 2. Frostburg State University ATB Option 3. UMSON Dual Admission 1. Cecil College: Towson University ATB Option 2. Frostburg State University ATB Option 3. UMSON Dual Admission 1. Increase the number of articulation agreements and MOU’s with BSN/MSN degree institutions by 8, including dual enrollment curriculums Harford Community College: 1. Drexel University Cecil College: Stevenson University 2. Wilmington University 3. George Washington University 1.

Partnerships/Articulations Total # of Dual Enrollment partners/Articulation Agreements beyond baseline 8 7 6 6 5 4 4 3 3 2 1 0 1 1 FY16 FY17 HCC FY18 CC

Enrollment: ATB and Dual Admission Total # of matriculated students by semester 180 160 140 CC HCC 23 25 120 100 10 80 10 60 40 20 113 10 1 75 130 86 51 29 0 Summer 2016 Fall 2016 Spring 2017 Summer 2017 Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Average % of incoming class that matriculates is 49% at HCC and 16% at CC

Retention/Attrition For Towson ATB Option Descriptive statistics for Towson ATB Option Starting enrollment (# of students) Ending enrollment (# of students) Student withdrawals Retention rate Attrition rate Summer 2016 Fall 2016 Spring 2017 Summer 2017 Fall 2017 Spring 2018 30 61 85 96 136 151 30 57 83 95 135 147 0 4 2 1 1 3 100% 93.44 % 97.64% 98.95% 99.26% 97.35% 0% 6.55% 2.35% 1.04% 0.73% 1.99% Average retention vs. Attrition 1.8 8% 98.12 % retention attrition

Degree completion Initial data Projected outcomes Expected to surpass our goal at project completion! Decembe r 2017 1 degree complete May 2018 17 degrees complete d 39 degrees in progress 95 students dually enrolled 48 potential new Total of 200 projected degrees completed

Exciting finds Unexpected outcomes (“Byron Bay,” 2015)

Professional development Survey data from initial 3 events; total of 146 respondents

Professional development Survey data from attendance at MNA Convention in 2017; total of 38 respondents. What actions have you performed as a direct result of networking experiences at the MNA Convention on October 5, 2017? Select all that apply. Actions Responses Frequency Read about current issues in nursing practice in publications or articles (outside of what is required for school assignments) 15 39.47% Visited a University’s website to learn more about their nursing programs (RN-BSN, RN-MSN, DNP, PhD, etc.) 14 36.84% Spoke with a University representative about their nursing program 12 31.58% Visited a potential employer’s website to learn more about job offerings 10 26.32% Visited the website of a professional nursing organization (MNA, MANS, etc.) 10 26.32%

Professional development Survey data from 2nd annual Professional Development Workshop on April 27, 2018; total of 61 respondents. Prior to attending the workshop today, were you already accepted into an RN-BSN or RN-MSN program to begin after graduation? Answer choices Responses Frequency Yes 21 34% No 40 66% Did you apply to an RN-BSN or RN-MSN program at the workshop today? Answer choices Responses Frequency Yes 11 18% No 50 82%

Hidden treasures Anecdotal reports, qualitative data (Gerigk & Hirst, 2017)

The student’s experience The dually enrolled student: “It is easier to do ATB because you are getting it out of the way and you don’t have to worry about procrastinating and not going back to school.” “I think what makes the ATB option successful is that it allows students the option to work towards their BSN at the same time while enrolled for their ADN. I also think what makes this program appealing and successful is that I will be fully prepared to enter the workforce.” “I like the way the curriculum is panned out allowing for some deviation if necessary, but also keeping you in school year round. It helps to not lose the momentum from semester to semester.” Takeaways from professional development activities: “Nursing isn’t about just going in to work and coming home. Continuing your education is also very important and bettering yourself to better our care for patients.” -114th MNA Convention “It’s up to new nurses to help with attitude, communication, and behavioral modifications to improve culture.” –Professional Development Workshop

Pearls of wisdom What is the data telling us? (Dreamstime.com, 2010)

Achievement of project outcomes Making progress Student perspective The bigger picture Potential areas for improvement

Impact on future plans Review Refine Revise

Thank you! (Storyblocks.com, n.d.)

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