Human Resources FactorsKey to Sustainability Learning from the Example

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Human Resources FactorsKey to Sustainability Learning from the Example of Public and Private Health services Keerti Bhusan Pradhan Consultant-Health Systems [email protected]

9 components of systemic capacity building Source: Potter & Brough

Eye care servicesExample World Bank assistance of US 136 million was provided in 1994 to the NPCB for 7 states which accounted for more than 70% of the cataract work load. The program consisted of Infrastructure development, equipment, consumables, training and capacity building. States: AP, MP, MS, Orissa, Rajasthan, TN & UP

Dhenkanal District Eye Hospital Orissa inaugurated July 2000 in district hospital campus

Govt. Eye Hospital- 9 years later Photo taken 2009

Ophthalmologist in the District Hospital OPD

Ophthalmologist in the District Hospital OPD Sitting in the open patient waiting area Does not use required equipment/instrume nts to check the eye Eye Examination equipment-slit lamp is lying inside without any use

District Hospital Eye Unit OT Big OT All equipment available Expensive eqpt. available Some are brand new but defunct Only 254 surgeries per year

Private (NGO) Eye Hospital in a rented building in the same district hq

Private (NGO) Eye Hospital OT Small size OT in comparison to Govt. eye unit Doing 5000 surgeries per year

Talking to the patient

What it needs to ensure in Capacity Building of HR? Not only knowledge and skills Not just additional manpower Not just organisational structures Not just regular salaries Not just regular training and capacity building But Strategies to keep the workforce motivated and a culture of teamwork in healthcare .

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