First Communication software company in the world to achieve Software

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First Communication software company in the world to achieve Software CMM Level 5 & People CMM Level 3 FutureSoft Proprietary

Vision "To build a Happy Workforce" FutureSoft Proprietary

Mission " To build a cohesive culture, which creates avenues for employees to accomplish their goals through people-centric approach" FutureSoft Proprietary

Employee Profile Total Number of Employees : 528 Software Development Finance & Administration QA Human Resources Marketing SSG 85% of employees in software development Support function ratio well above the international standards FutureSoft Proprietary

Employee Profile Qualification profile 62 145 Graduate Engineers Other Professionals 16 305 Post Graduate Engineers Others 80% of the engineers are from premier engineering schools in the country Preferred employer status in many of the premier institutions FutureSoft Proprietary

Employee Profile Attrition well below the industry levels Multiple career options Employee stock options Technology focus FutureSoft Proprietary

Recruitment Computer Science / Communication engineers Technology focus Employer of choice in the communication software industry FutureSoft Proprietary

Strategic HR Initiatives PCMM Assessment OD Initiative Employee Satisfaction Survey - Gallup Position Evaluation – William M Mercer Periodic Compensation surveys – William M Mercer/Hewitt Events FutureSoft Proprietary

P-CMM Patterned after the structure of the Software CMM A Maturity frame work for developing Human talent Guide a program of continuous workforce development Integrate workforce development with process improvement Establish a culture of Software Excellence FutureSoft Proprietary

Quality Triangle People High Quality Products & Services Process Technology FutureSoft Proprietary

Benefits of People CMM Enhance business performance Effectively manage Intellectual assets Knowledge capital Measure HR contribution to business FutureSoft Proprietary

Organization Development Goal setting – measurable parameters Throughput time or delivery Quality Cost HR oriented measures like “morale” and so on Goal Alignment Expertise from external consultants FutureSoft Proprietary

Knowledge and Skills Analysis Knowledge and Skills profiles defined from Core Competencies Online Knowledge and Skills database Well defined proficiency levels FutureSoft Proprietary

Training Competency Development Plan - core competencies Training Policy- 7 person days / per year Multi cultural sensitivity training – onsite engineers Training on customer platforms Future Varsity Knowledge sharing sessions FutureSoft Proprietary

Performance Management Workflow automation of the Performance Appraisal and Development Review process (PADR) Goal Alignment Feedback through one-to-one meetings, Project meetings, Divisional meetings Personal development plan Career Development plan Competency Development plan Performance Improvement plan Performance awards FutureSoft Proprietary

Compensation Management Compensation strategy Compensation Plan & Guidelines Basis for Individual Compensation Performance measurement Market survey Experience gained since last compensation fitment. Biannual reviews Grievance Redressal discrepancies System addresses FutureSoft Proprietary

Communication Communication of organizational Business results , Future plans, Events, QSM. Channels of communication - Employee handbook, QSM, Intranet, Future Times, Events team, Knowledge Sharing sessions, Project Initiation meetings, Suggestion schemes, Bulletin Board CPI System Grievance redressal system Service Level Agreements (SLA) FutureSoft Proprietary

Automation of HR Systems Resource Planning and Tracking System Online PADR System Employee System Leave Management System Knowledge and Skills Database Training and Quiz System FutureSoft Proprietary

Policies and Procedures Paternity Leave Part Time employment Flexi Time Sports Com- Pulse Accelerated Growth for exceptional performers Long Service Awards - on completion of 5 years of service FutureSoft Proprietary

EVENTS beyond work “Multi Dimensional” development of employees Organising programs that sustain interests outside work Dedicated Events Team FutureSoft Proprietary

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