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EOD Center of Excellence OUTLINE Command Philosophy Training Guidance Training Schedules Quarterly Training Briefs Company Training Cycle Sergeant’s Time Team Training Individual and leader training Company Field Training Training References STRAC FOUO UNCLASSIFIED 2


EOD Center of Excellence Command Philosophy Commander’s philosophy on how he plans to run the unit. Covers a variety of topics to include training philosophy No set format nor set content Designed to inform your soldiers on what you expect and what they can expect from you IAW U.S. Army Command Policy Meets Army Values FOUO UNCLASSIFIED 4

EOD Center of Excellence Training Guidance Receive annual training guidance from Group (6 Months Prior) and BN (4 Months prior) Develop company training strategy and training guidance based on unit assessment and higher command’s training guidance Develop long range calendar (12 mo minimum) FOUO UNCLASSIFIED 5

EOD Center of Excellence Training Schedules BN CDR approval and CO CDR signature constitutes an official order Unit’s primary management tool to ensure training is conducted on time and by qualified trainers with the required resources Provides soldiers information on specific training event, location, uniform, date/time, instructor, and references 6 to 8 week period prior to execution of training. FOUO UNCLASSIFIED 6

EOD Center of Excellence Quarterly Training Brief Given 2 levels up (Co CDR briefs GRP CDR) Discuss past, present, and future training expectations Results in a training contract between commanders Conducted ideally 6 weeks prior to lock-in window for next quarter training FOUO UNCLASSIFIED 7

EOD Center of Excellence Company Training Cycle METL tasks by quarter Supporting collective tasks during Sergeant’s Time (crawl and walk) Individual and Team tasks during Team Training and Sergeant’s Time (crawl and walk) Demo training supports METL focus FTX – run phase on METL task with all supporting collective task. Results in assessment FOUO UNCLASSIFIED 8

EOD Center of Excellence Company Training Cycle Example of a Company Training Matrix Microsoft Excel Worksheet FOUO UNCLASSIFIED 9

EOD Center of Excellence Sergeant’s Time Ref GRP OI 350-1 Linkage between unit METL and the soldiers tools that support it Conducted by first line leader, supported by entire chain of command Commander assists, advises, and assesses 80% individual training, 20% collective Must include low density MOS FOUO UNCLASSIFIED 10

EOD Center of Excellence Team Training Team Leaders focus training on their weaknesses Supported by Chain of Command Crawl and walk phases internally, run phase with assistance from Chain of Command Supports collective tasks FOUO UNCLASSIFIED 11

EOD Center of Excellence Individual and Leader Training CTT, STP OPD from EOD BN and Installation NCODP program run by 1SG FOUO UNCLASSIFIED 12

EOD Center of Excellence Company Field Training Field Training Exercises Pre-execution Checks : Microsoft Word Document Coordinate the training area(s) External Support: Class I, V, IX Request backstop support for your AOR through Bn Develop a training schedule of events to accomplish (1SG) Produce an OPORD (Cdr) PCI (PSG/Cdr) Conduct training (1SG/Cdr) AAR Recovery Phase Microsoft Word Reassessment (Cdr) Document FOUO UNCLASSIFIED 13

EOD Center of Excellence NTC ROTATION Planning – Group Guidance – Integration into the BCT Capabilities brief given to leadership Development of EOD support plan – Attend LTP Test support plan using JANUS (Simulation Program) FOUO UNCLASSIFIED 14

EOD Center of Excellence NTC ROTATION Preparation – Training requirements (see FC 350-50-1) Night Vision Driving annotated on license Qualified to drive vehicle, annotated on license Qualified on assigned weapon – Logistical coordination with BCT Rail load vs line haul vehicles CL V forcast (force on force and live fire) FOUO UNCLASSIFIED 15

EOD Center of Excellence NTC ROTATION POC – [email protected] – DSN 470-5600 – COMM 760-380-5600 http://www.irwin.army.mil/sidewinder/index. htm FOUO UNCLASSIFIED 16

EOD Center of Excellence Training References FM 25-100 FM 25-101 FM 4-30.5/ 9-15 FM 75-15 FM 23-9 FM 21-20 ARTEP9-527-30 MTP FC 350-41 FOUO STP 9-55D-14 SM-TG AR 600-9 AR 600-8-2 AR 350-41 DA PAM 350-38 DA PAM 350-39 GRP OI 350-1 GRP OI 350-2 UNCLASSIFIED 17

EOD Center of Excellence STRAC DA PAM 350-38 – Demo- frequency and events – M16 – M9 DA PAM 350-39 – Barret FOUO UNCLASSIFIED 18


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