Effects of Security Measures on School Personnel CORA S. GRAVES,

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Effects of Security Measures on School Personnel CORA S. GRAVES, JD, ED.S.

Historical Glimpse at School Shootings 1999: Columbine Shooting 2001: C. Anderson Middle School Dallas, Tx 2006: West Nickel Amish Mines School, PA 2007: Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 2008: Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL 2012: Sandy Hook Elementary 2018: Parkland, Florida

School Security Responses

2014 Dear Colleague Letter Title IV and Title VI Disparate Treatment Disproportionate Discipline Student Code of Conduct Effective School Discipline Redress Racial Discrimination in School Discipline

If not Zero Tolerance, then what? School Resource Officer I received multiple phone calls after the Parkland shooting from parents that wanted to know how I planned to make sure the school would be safe. I believe that school safety is a team effort so I am not alone in securing the school. Being highly visible, relationship with students, and layered team effort of AP, SRO, and Campus Monitors are the main ingredients. School Superintendent Having a police officer, an office of the court at ready access minimizes fear and concern regarding the safeness of the school environment. One area of concern is the overuse of the SRO for matters that are the responsibility of school administrators. The line of authority must be clearly drawn. The SRO should be engaged in matters that have legal implications or recourse.

Keeping Students In School and Out of Court Zero Tolerance Policies Court Related Collaboratio n School Justice Partnerships

Effective Security Measures Increase in School Connectedness Increase training of SRO for Safety & Criminal Matters Increase Student Service Coordination Increase awareness for social emotional learning Increase School Justice Partnership

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