DRE/SFST Program Trooper Tarek Chase DRE/SFST State Coordinator

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DRE/SFST Program Trooper Tarek Chase DRE/SFST State Coordinator

DRE Certification Process 72-hour course Classroom final exam Field Certifications Final Knowledge Exam

12 Step Process 1.Breath alcohol test 2.The interview of the arresting officer 3.Preliminary examination 4.Examinations of the eyes 5.Divided attention tests 6.Examination of vital signs

12 Step Process 7. Dark room examinations 8. Examination of muscle tone 9. Examination for injection sites 10.Subject’s statements and other observations 11.Opinion of Evaluator 12.Toxicological examination

12 Step Process Equipment Sphygmomometer (Blood pressure cuff) Stethoscope Thermometer Pupilometer Flashlight (including ultraviolet light)

Role of a DRE Drug Evaluations Reference Witness

DREs Statewide 46 DREs 17 Agencies

ARIDE 16-hour Course SFST Refresher Additional FSTs Overview of 7 Drug Categories Emphasis in the DRE Program

SFST Critiques Medical/Physical Disabilities HGN- Slow Down No “Plant” or “Pivot” First step after turn is “One”

SFST Critiques No “Point your toe” Do not say “If you put your foot down” Further direction is allowed while subject is preforming test Not related to validated clues

Remember Our Purpose

Tr o o p e r Ta r e k C h a s e D R E / S F S T S t a t e C o o r d i n a t o r N o r t h D a ko t a H i g h w a y P a t r o l 7 0 1 - 2 2 0 - 6 6 7 1 t w c h a s e @ n d . g o v

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